The Disney World ride where the dolls need haircuts once a year because their hair actually grows

DISNEY fans have been shocked after learning that dolls on a popular ride need their hair cutting because it grows.

Most Disney fans who have been to the parks will have ridden It's A Small World, where visitors sit in a boat and ride through different regions in the world, passing more than 300 animatronic dolls.

And now, a Tiktok user has revealed that the dolls have hair made of yarn which stretches over time due to the humidity in the air.

So each doll is given an annual hair cut to keep their hair from growing too long.

Tiktok user @themouselets shared the secret in a video titled: "This is actually my all-time favourite Disney fact."

She said: "This is going to sound like a lie but the animatronic dolls on It's A Small world get a haircut once a year.

"Because their hair is made of yarn, the humidity in the attraction makes their hair grow a little bit longer each year so someone comes in and gives them each a trim."

The video has been watched 650,000 times and viewers were left gobsmacked.

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One person wrote: "This is the weirdest thing I've heard in my whole entire life."

Another person commented: "Okay this just made my fear of dolls even worse… and inanimate doll with growing yarn hair!"

Another top fact from the It's A Small World ride is that the dolls never stop moving, even when the ride is closed and no one is there.

Recently, a Disney super fan also revealed the secret spot where you can meet all your favourite characters away from crowds.

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