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Should I cancel my May 24 trip to Tunisia with Tui? The Holiday Guru irons out troublesome travel issues

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This week issues tackled include British Airways vouchers for a cancelled trip to Miami and whether to abort a Tui holiday to Tunisia. 

Q. Last August I had BA Miami flights cancelled. I accepted a voucher, then asked for a refund. This was refused, so I made a Section 75 credit card claim. Now I have the cash plus the voucher. Is it still valid?

Graham Manson, via email.

One reader had BA flights to Miami cancelled and accepted a voucher before getting a refund. He asks if his voucher would still be valid 

A. No. BA says the voucher will not work as you accepted the cash after claiming under Section 75. 

Q. Our Czech Airlines Dubrovnik flights were cancelled last September. The tickets, costing £252, were booked through Mytrip, but no refund yet. Any advice?

Jo Champion, Paignton, Devon.

A. Mytrip, part of the Etraveli Group in Sweden, says it is waiting for an airline refund, even though in Britain your ‘contract’ would be with it — and it would therefore pay. Also, Czech Airlines was recently declared bankrupt.

Try your travel insurance or make a Section 75 credit card claim or a bank ‘chargeback’ claim; see

Q. We booked two subsequently cancelled Air Europa flights (£1,189) to Cuba with Mytrip. Can you help?

Jack Wolland, via email.

Another reader asks for help for claiming money back on two cancelled Air Europa flights to Cuba. Pictured is the country’s capital, Havana 

A. Sadly, you are in the same position as Jo Champion [above].

Q. We have a Tui holiday to Tunisia on May 24, but flights are currently banned. If we cancel, we will lose £2,500. Advice?

Toni Saunders, via email.

A. Do not cancel: change to another date for free now or wait until closer to departure when the trip will probably be cancelled and you will be refunded.


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Reader Toni Saunders is advised not to cancel his May 24 trip to Tunisia with Tui

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