The items Brits can no longer take on holiday to Spain thanks to EU red tape

PLENTY of Brits pack food and drink in their bags when travelling on holiday, whether as gifts or to curb homesickness.

But rules have changed since Britain left the EU, and limits and restrictions on what you are allowed to take into countries like Spain have changed as well.

Knowing the rules will help you avoid any delays – or worse, fines – at the airport.

We've rounded up the items you are banned from taking, as well as the items that are restricted.

Animal products

You cannot take meat, milk or dairy products into EU countries like Spain.

Obvious items such as sausages, ham and cheese are banned, but the ban extends to items that use meat and dairy products are part of their ingredients.

This includes cakes that contain fresh cream and sweets made with gelatine.

It also includes English cheeses like Cornish brie and Wensleydale, as well as clotted cream fudge.

A jar of Bovril would also fall foul of the rules, because it contains gelatine, and mince pies and Christmas pudding that contains suet would also be banned.

Powdered baby milk is an exception to this rule, as long as it is sealed and in its original packaging.

You are allowed to take up to 20kg of fish and up to 2kg of honey.

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You are still allowed to take alcohol into Spain, but there are new restrictions on the amount you can take now that we have left the EU.

Thanks to Brexit, there has been a reduction in the amount of alcohol you can take abroad.

You can carry no more than four litre of spirits, 18 litres of still wine, or 42 litres of beer.


Prior to leaving the EU, there weren't specific limits on the amount of tobacco or cigarettes you could take into Spain.

But now there are, and if you exceed it you risk a fine or confiscation.

You can take 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco into Spain.


You can take up to €10,000 into Spain across all currencies.

Above this and the money will be reported to customs on entry.

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