The mistakes you can make that will get you BANNED from flying | The Sun

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the three ways you could find yourself on the flight ban list.

TikTok user Flightbae.B often shares secrets of being a flight attendant, including the dirtiest part of the plane and why you should never use the toilet paper onboard.

In her recent video, she explained what a no-fly list is, and how you could find yourself on it.

She told her followers: "When you're banned for flying, you're placed on what we call a 'no-fly list' and when you are placed on the 'no-fly list' you're not able to fly."

One big no-no is hitting any airline worker as you get a "VIP skip line" to the top of the list.

She said: "You hit a flight attendant, gate agent, a pilot – forget about it, you're outta here."

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She also said the second way to get on the no-fly list is by "threatening any kind of terrorist activity."

She said: "I don't care if it's a joke, it's not funny – we are on a plane.

"We don't know if you are serious or not. If you carry on about having a bomb, transporting a bomb or doing anything of that sort, you're going to be on the no-fly list."

What you pack in your suitcase could also get you banned – even if it isn't anything dangerous.

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She said: "You can also find yourself on the no-fly list if you are transporting any illegal things.

"I know when we think about illegal things, we're going to think immediately, guns, drugs.

"It can also be plants, it can also be animals – those little arbitrary things you may not realise are illegal."

A woman who mistakenly took some fruit from her flight said she is always subjected to additional screenings every time she flies because she didn't declare it at immigration.

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