The world’s 7 most fattening and festive holiday foods

Planning to spend the holidays away from home this year? That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some fattening holiday foods. From turducken to Christmas cake, these dishes will fill you up with more than holiday cheer.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Japan

Ah, Christmas. That sacred time when you gather friends and family around the table and proudly plop down a bucket of KFC for dinner. Thanks to a genius marketing campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken in the 1970s, that’s a tradition in Japan. Since Christmas isn’t a big holiday there, marketing executives seized on the empty space, with the slogan “Kentucky for Christmas” and a themed “party barrel” full of fried chicken. The tradition holds strong today, and is so popular that you’ll have to pre-order your meal (which can be paired with cake or sparkling wine, also sold by the chain) and stand in line to pick it up. 

Turducken, United States

Turducken is quite possibly the most American dish ever. It’s for when you just can’t decide which kind of meat you want, so you mash the first three animals you can think of into one unnatural Frankenstein specimen. Turducken is made by stuffing a chicken inside a duck, which is then wedged into a turkey. Make it extra American by tossing it in the deep fryer.

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