These are the holiday destinations people most want to travel to after lockdown

Time cooped up at home has given many of us a serious case of wanderlust.

Months of lockdown makes the idea of travelling to farflung places feel like a forbidden treat to look forward to, letting us while away the hours by planning in detail our first post-pandemic trip.

But where are Brits dreaming of heading?

According to one survey, the holiday destination topping our travel list is the UK, with staycations immensely popular as restrictions and fears around global travel continue.

A survey of 2,023 British adults, conducted by Censuswide and commissioned by Paymentsense, asked people about their post-lockdown plans, including where they plan to head away on holiday once things return to (somewhat) normal.

It was found that a third of Brits are prioritising going on a holiday after lockdown above other activities, and behind UK-based trips, Spain is the country where most people want to venture.

Many said they’ve been saving up their money while in lockdown (a lack of pricey commutes and pub trips has helped) and plan to splurge what they’ve put away on a nice getaway.

So, where do people want to go?

The most popular holiday destinations Brits want to travel to after lockdown

The least popular destinations are in the East, with coronavirus’s origins in China continuing to add to anti-Asia sentiments and fears.

The popularity of Spain, Greece, and France make sense, with all three lifting restrictions for visitors this month.

Staycations, meanwhile, are an easy way to have a retreat without having to get on board public transport – although it’s still important to hold off on travelling until lockdown is officially lifted, and maintain social distancing and safety measures when you do go.

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