These revamped Vegas Palms Casino hotel suites come complete with basketball courts, cinemas and bowling alleys

Now you can – as long as you’ve got the budget for it.

Revamped suites at the Palm Casino Resort have had a $620million (£473million) facelift and they’ve got some very special touches indeed.

There are six suites at the resort, including the 10,000 square-foot, $20,000-a-night (£15,000) Hardwood Suite, which has three bedrooms.

The newly designed suite will open in December and includes full-size basketball hoops – so guests can have their very own basketball match inside.

Another special touch is the bathrooms that are meant to look like gym locker rooms.

For those who like to booze, there’s a hidden whisky suite to chill out in.

The suite sleeps ten people and can hold up to 300 people if you want to have a party.

Then there’s the $15,000-a-night (£11,400) Kingpin suite, which sleeps eight people.

It has a bowling theme, completely with lanes, shoes and bowling balls.

There are also 1970s-style chairs, metallic pink wooden floors and a DJ booth – sounds like the best party venue ever.

Or for those who want to chill out with some films, there’s the new Cinema Suite, which sleeps eight people and comes with its own screening room.

The film room itself comes with cinema-style seating, blankets, popcorn and other snacks.

It also has mini fridges full of root bear, gummy bears and craft beer – and its very own specially curated room service menu.

There’s also the Loft Suite and the Make Good Choices Suite, which are themed around casinos.

Guests will find games rooms including poker tables there – if they’re too lazy to leave for the actual casino, that is.

Sun Online Travel previously revealed the outrageously luxurious £30,000-per-night suites at the Palm Casino Resort.

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