This 2000-Year-Old Roman Bathhouse In Algeria Is Still In Use Today

A Roman bathhouse that was built and used over 2000 years ago is still up and running and being used in the same way it always has today.

There are certain periods in history that will be remembered for thousands of years due to the innovation they provided and the legacy they have left. Perhaps the most famous of those periods is that of the Romans. A time in history which literally took place thousands of years ago yet not only do we still reference it today, but some of what the Romans left behind is still in use

Clearly, the Romans built stuff to last. Evidence of exactly that remains standing and in use to this day in the North African nation of Algeria. Hammam Essalihine, a Roman bathhouse that has stood the test of time and remains in use more than 2000 years after it was built, reports Bored Panda. When we say “in use” we mean its original use too. It’s not merely a landmark you can visit, it is still somewhere you can go to bathe.

While locals from the nearby town of El Hamma make the most of having a little piece of history right on their doorstep, tourists also flock to the baths. Around 700,000 each and every year. That’s despite the infrastructure surrounding the baths not being the best. Romans were famous for building roads, but clearly, those roads haven’t stood the test of time.

If you can make it to Hammam Essalihine though, it is clearly worth it. The waters in the bathhouse are packed with minerals and even believed to help ease rheumatic, dermatological, and respiratory diseases. It’s not simply a warm pool in the middle of nowhere, though. If you do make it to the bathhouse, you can also treat yourself to a massage or hydrotherapy session.

In the fast-paced world that we live in,  preserving history and making sure it is not forgotten can be tricky. However, we sometimes forget how big a place the world is. So many areas that have been untouched by the industrial age or corporations looking to make money. This is a little piece of history that has stood the test of time and fulfills the same purpose it always has 2000 years later.

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