Tourists in one Spanish resort could soon be hit with a fine for WEEING in the sea

A SPANISH seaside town has attracted harsh criticism after it announced it would seek to impose fines for a number of common beachside activities.

San Pedro del Pinatar local council plans to introduce penalties for holidaymakers caught playing ballgames on the sand, reserving umbrellas and surfing.

Urinating in the sea, taking pets on the sand, using soap in seaside showers, playing loud music and holding barbecues on the beach would also attract hefty fines, Murcia Today reported. 

Located on the Murcia coastline, the town plans to impose fines ranging from 750 euros to as much as 3,000 euros if they spot people committing any of the offences.

If they go ahead, the restrictions will make San Pedro del Pinatar one of the strictest towns in Spain when it comes to monitoring seaside behaviour.

Due to come into force on July 18, the regulations were originally included in a vote by the local council in April to ban nudity on the beaches of San Pedro.

While the strips of sand along the San Pedro coast have never officially been declared nudist beaches, the council decided that they are now too regularly frequented by families with children to allow such behaviour.

The rulings have sparked outrage with the Spanish Naturism Federation, who plans to take legal action if sanctions against nude bathing aren't overturned.

According to the Federation, nudism cannot be banned on Spanish beaches unless a State law is passed.

The said: “San Pedro del Pinatar is the first town in Spain to ban nudism on every single one of its beaches – and the others who do so, just ten in the whole country, only ban naked bathing on urban beaches."

Spain currently has no law prohibiting public nudity, but in fact considers the act a constitutional right.

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Naturists can only be fined for stripping down if a State law has been passed specifically banning nudity in a certain public area, or if they are on private property like a sports centre that possesses their own internal regulations.

The Sun Online has contacted San Pedro del Pinatar council for comment.

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