Travel agent uses picture of exotic beach to sell caravan holiday to BLACKPOOL

The illustration of the Lancashire resort was spotted outside an unnamed travel agents in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire by Heather Reid.

Heather, from Glasgow, posted the snap to social media claiming the travel agents were "at it".

She captioned the image: “Travel agents in Clydebank are at it.

"Is that pic supposed to be Blackpool? And I’m a Cheryl Cole lookalike as well hen.”

The top half of the notice features an image of an idyllic setting with a beautiful blue lagoon and a lovely golden beach.

Another image claims to show the harbour at night, with houses up on the hill making an eye-catching reflection on the water.

Underneath, the package on offer is outlined: “Blackpool, Marton Mere. Deluxe two bedroom caravan. Self catering. Four nights. June 18 2018. Includes one day access to pleasure beach. £365 total based on a family of four.”

On social media, Paul Colvin joked: “Is that no the loch at the back of Drumchapel?”

Another quipped: “If you zoom in you can see a wee bit of Blackpool rock on the beach.”

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Laughing, Emma Childs added: “No way that’s f***ing Blackpool.”

Another user added: "Looks great wish I could go to Blackpool and work on my tan, would be fishing off that wee boat with a box of beer and my top off."

None of the travel agents in Clydebank contacted admitted to being aware of the advert being in place in their shop.

A spokeswoman at the Thomas Cook store said of the crafty photo placement: "That doesn't sound like ours. We are limited to what we can put in windows, we're allowed to put photos on but that's obviously false information."

Blackpool's attractions still make it the UK's favourite beach resort, drawing 18million visitors annually to the tower, aquarium, beaches, Illuminations, waterpark, zoo and wax figure celebrity look-a-likes.

But earlier this month Blackpool was one of seven coastal towns to feature in a list of places in England and Wales with the highest rates of heroin deaths, linked to poverty and cheap accommodation being available in the town.

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