Traveller reveals a 'genius' tip for getting through the airport with less faff

GETTING through the airport can be a stressful process, especially if you are travelling with a big group.

Often one person gets stuck holding the passports which can be a faff when you need to dish them out to everyone at check in, security and the gate.

Tiktok user Ellen Siegel has shared a "genius" tip to help the passport holder divvy up the documents quickly and easily.

In a video, Ellen, who goes by @anywherepluseverywhere, said: "Here's the easiest travel hack I wish I would have known sooner.

"If you're the one responsible for passports on a trip, you know how annoying it is to try to find the right passport at the right time.

"Before our last trip, we added stickers on the back. We picked ones that were easily relatable."

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"Rather than having to flip open each one every time we got to a checkpoint, I was able to quickly look on the back and hand them the right one."

The video has been watched 45,000 times and viewers loved the simple piece of advice.

Someone put: "Love this tip", and another simply wrote: "Genius".

Others shared their own tips for saving time getting out their passports.

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She put stickers on the back of everyone's passports so she knew whose was whose and didn't have to waste time flipping through them to find the ID page

One person put: "I used a label maker and put everyone's name on the cover."

Someone else wrote: "I also keep mine paperclipped to the ID page so I don't have to flip to find the right one."

A travel expert has shared a tip on how to get through airport security as quickly as possible without forking out for a premium ticket.

Nora Dunn revealed that it's all about picking the right queue.

She wrote on Quora: "Look at the people in line and choose the line with the most business travellers – these people have airport security down to a fine art.

"If you don't see a line-up with business travellers, then at least avoid – at all costs – line-ups with families (especially families with small children).

"They are notoriously, and understandably, slow in sorting their belongings to go through the x-ray machines."

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