TripAdvisor launches online tool to help holidaymakers avoid busy crowds and social distance

TRIPADVISOR has launched a new online platform tool which lets holidaymakers find busy areas, and avoid them.

Initially launching in US cities, engineers with TripAdvisor, Slack, Amazonand nine other technology companies have developed the new online system. will help tourists avoid crowds at both businesses and public places, such as parks and beaches.

Data is updated once each day and more recent information is weighted higher than older data.

Many holidaymakers will be looking for quieter experiences going ahead when they can social distance due to the pandemic

When using the congestion feature, users will be able to click on a location and view how crowded it is via an overlay of a heatmap that indicates the density of crowds in public areas through a color-coded system.

High density areas which show up as red, while low density areas will be white.

Travellers will even be able to click on an area or attraction they are planning on visiting, and check when the busiest times in the day to visit are and avoid them.

For example, the ice-skating rink at Central Park in New York was busiest at 2pm and 7pm, but much quieter at 10am and 6pm.

The platform also incorporates location safety scores from ViruSafe by Neura, enabling users to identify public spaces and businesses where COVID-19 risk rates are higher.

Hoyt confirmed the system does not store personally identifiable information.

Venice has launched a tourist tracking system to monitor crowded areas – and can also determine where you are from and how fast you are walking.

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