TSA Allows Bag of Moose Poop Through Airport Security, But Still Not Your Shampoo

Airport security can be pretty crappy, and that was absolutely true at an airport in Alaska last week.

The TSA shared a photo on their Instagram page of a bag of moose poop, which they inspected during an airport security check after a passenger sent it through screening.

“Mondays can really stink,” the government agency wrote alongside the image, which shows a gloved officer’s hand holding a pellet.

“After a weekend of relaxation, the first day back at work can be hard to deal with. Here’s a nugget of wisdom to help you get through the day: ‘Monday is the day where the slate from the previous week is wiped clean; It is a day of new beginnings.’”

The TSA then went on to outline how their team handled the situation of “‘nuggets’ of a different variety” they found in a passengers carry-on bag.

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“Upon inspection, a large organic mass turned out to be a mag of moose nuggets (or feces, dropping, excrements, etc.) that the passenger was taking home from their Alaskan adventure.”

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“While TSA has no policies that would prevent you from traveling with a bag of animal poo, we would strongly suggest that you check with your airline on their policies,” they continued. “Several carriers do have rules in place to avoid smelly situations aboard their planes. Besides, having to leave your souvenirs behind would really stink.”

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TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein then shared her own photo of the large bag of droppings on Twitter, and told Fox News that the bag was flagged as suspicious because organic material is recognized as a sign of potential explosives. She also reportedly told the outlet that the passenger told TSA officers he was planning to “present” the poop to politicians.

The TSA did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The list of items that are banned and allowed by the government agency can be confusing for travelers. But the TSA website has a tool called “What Can I Bring?’ that allows users to search an item and check if it’s permitted.

Some other items recently documented by the TSA Instagram include an elk pelvis bone, burritos and an LED light therapy mask — all of which were allowed through.

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