Tunisia's beaches are full of Brits – three years after Sousse terrorist attack that killed 38 people

New pictures show holidaymakers lying on the beach sunbathing in Sousse, the region where 38 people were shot dead by an ISIS terrorist in 2015.

They had abandoned the country’s paradise beaches after the attacks in Port El Kantaoui, where 30 of the dead were British.

In one photo a British girl is seen sunbathing in a Union Jack bikini.

In others, women are seeing messing around in the sea or taking part in an aqua aerobics class on the beach.

Tourists from Russia and Algeria have also returned to Tunisia for their holidays and the new photos show that Sousse is now thriving again after three years of near-empty beaches.

But it's not all fun and games, with the presence of the Tunisian National Guard being felt as a boat patrols the shores outside the Jaz Tour Khalef Hotel in Sousse.

Thomas Cook and TUI started taking tourists back to Tunisia earlier this year – with flights relaunching in February.

Until last year, the Foreign Office had advised Brits against travelling Tunisia, but the two-year ban has now lifted and Tunisia is back on the map again.

Just last month, the FCO lifted travel restrictions to even more parts of the country.

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According to a new announcement, the FCO no longer advise against all but essential travel to the town of Jendouba, and some areas of southern Tunisia, including the towns of Médenine, Tataouine and Douz.

This summer cheap deals to the North African country have flooded the market again.

Tunisia, along with Egypt and Middle Eastern Turkey have all seen a spike in bookings recently as holidaymakers seek out a low-cost few days in the sun.

The new drive is mainly down to cost, with hotels considerably cheaper than in Spain – a country that had seen a huge spike in popularity due to security fears in the rest of the world over the last few years.

As Thomas Cook reintroduced flights, they said: “The nation’s appetite for sunshine at a fair price fuels demand to revisit these old favourites.”

With tourists returning to Tunisia, counter-terrorism chiefs have put out a a video advising people what to do if they are caught up in a terrorist attack overseas.

The four-minute film adapts the Run, Hide, Tell message and depicts a firearms attack at a hotel.

The attack was the deadliest non-state attack in the history of modern Tunisia and saw 30 Brits killed in a bloody rampage which the resort owners 'couldn't have stopped'.

What happened during the 2015 Tunisia terror attack?

On June 26, 2015, a hotel at Port El Kanaoui was hosting 565 guests when Seifeddine Rezgui launched an attack on people on the beach.

He used a Kalashnikov assault rifle concealed in a beach umbrella to fire at tourists and then entered the hotel, shooting at those he came across.

All bullets found afterwards came from the one weapon.

The attacker had spoken to his father on a mobile, which was then thrown into the sea before he began to fire.

In total 38 people were killed, 30 of whom were British.

A barrister representing victims' families has told the inquest the atrocity could have been prevented but for the "gross negligence" of tour operator Tui, which "did not take the terror threat seriously".


Sun Online Travel previously revealed that experts fear that 800 ISIS fighters are stalking the streets of Tunisia as families arrive back there on holiday.

If you're caught up in a terror attack at home or away, this is the best place for you to hide.

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