Valencia plans to ban holiday rentals above the 1st floor – so nothing with a view

That means city break penthouses with panoramic views of the city could become a thing of the past.

Following the news last week that Palma in Mallorca is to ban all holiday rental apartments in the city, Valencia is the next Spanish city to impose restrictions on holiday lets.

Proposed new regulations will forbid all properties being rented out to tourists that are not on the ground floor or first floor of any apartment building.

The proposed plan claims it will promote harmony and reduce the impact on the day to day lives of residents in apartment blocks.

The city of Valencia is the third most visited city in Spain, thanks to its seaside location with stretches of sandy beaches, excellent food and a harbour that hosted the America’s Cup in 2009.

With more than 60 number of flights weekly to Valencia airport from London, the number of international visitors to the city grew to 3.3 million last year.

There are currently an estimated 5,000 holiday rental apartments on offer in the city, although many of those are being rented out illegally without a holiday rental licence.

The city is also looking to bring in stricter measures and fines to holiday rental home owners and holiday rental platforms who continue to rent without a licence.

At present, the proposed law will only affect properties that have not yet applied for their holiday rental licence but there is talks of applying the new regulation to existing licenced properties as well.

The option to stay in centrally-located apartments such as this penthouse in the historic centre of Valencia with the cathedral in the skyline may become a thing of the past.

Jannich Petersen, CEO of estimates that the proposed law could have a significant impact on the holiday rental industry in Valencia.

“This new proposed plan could impact up to 70 per cent of rental properties in the city and does not support the growing global trend of city break holidays”

Holidaymakers that have already booked accommodation in Valencia should not be worried about their holiday though, as their bookings will not be impacted by the proposed law.

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