What a carry on! Hand luggage has gone high-tech

What a carry on! From built-in scales to bags that can ride to the gate, hand luggage has gone high-tech

  • Here’s our round-up of a new breed of clever carry-ons and backpacks 
  • A suitcase from Away features a hidden laundry bag and USB phone chargers
  • Check out the nifty backpack that packs like a suitcase by Setout Backpack

Travelling is rarely stress-free. But thanks to a new breed of clever carry-ons and backpacks, luggage-related anxiety could be a thing of the past.

Suitcases and bags now feature everything from in-built electronic scales to integrated shelving systems and motorised wheels. Even Meghan is a fan.

The Duchess of Sussex is said to have given all 17 guests at her New York baby shower in February aluminium suitcases from Away, which come with a hidden laundry bag, 360-degree spinner wheels and USB phone chargers. These clever carry-ons won’t make your luggage lighter, but they’re sure to make travelling less arduous.


Modobag, £1,150 (modobag.com)

Modobag is the world’s first motorised carry-on and you can ride on it through the airport

The suitcase also comes with two USB ports and a padded compartment for laptops

This is the world’s first motorised carry-on. The rideable suitcase features a steering handle, throttle, foot rests and brake and travels indoor at speeds up to 4mph for up to six miles at any one time. The company claims it can get travellers that weigh up to 18st to their destination three times faster than the average airport walking speed.

If the embarrassment of riding the suitcase in the airport becomes too much, the carry-on can be pulled like a traditional case. It also comes with two USB ports and a crush resistant padded compartment for laptops.

It’s available in the UK from next month.


The Aluminum Carry-On (above) features an ‘unbreakable’ polycarbonate shell 

The Aluminum Carry-On, £420 (arloskye.com)

This fashionable suitcase has no finicky outer zips and is, instead, sealed with two sturdy combination locks.

It is made up of an ‘unbreakable’ polycarbonate shell with an aluminum frame and a germ- fighting anti-microbial interior lining. It also comes with ‘whisper-quiet’ wheels, leather handles, an interior compression system and ‘super-fast’ removable phone chargers.


M5, £320, horizn-studios.co.uk

This high-end suitcase comes with one-year’s access to a ‘personal travel assistant’ website called Horizn GO.

It enables members to book curated trips and provides perks, such as tickets, to sold-out events and complimentary breakfast, late check-outs and room upgrades at 2,000 hotels worldwide.

The bag comes in eight colours, including marine green and blue vega, and features a one-click removable phone charger, 360-degree spinner wheels and an aerospace-grade polycarbonate hard shell, so there’s no risk of belongings getting crushed.


The Bigger Carry On, £245, awaytravel.com

The Bigger Carry On — which Meghan reportedly gave as a gift to her baby shower girlfriends — comes in ten colours including pink, blue and green.

It features a polycarbonate shell, ejectable phone charger, a combination lock, 360-degree spinner wheels, interior compression system and a hidden laundry bag.

The bags can also be personalised with a leather luggage tag engraved with initials.


Aerolite Self Weighing 4-Wheel Suitcase, £62.49, leekes.co.uk

Trying to balance a jam-packed suitcase on weighing scales is no fun. But this clever carry-on solves the problem. Featuring a built-in, no-lift weighing scale on the top carry handle, travellers are able to continually check the weight as they pack.

The suitcase is made from a durable lightweight hard shell and also features 360-degree spinner wheels.


The Carry On Closet 2.0, £170, solgaard.com

Neat freak: The Carry-On Closet features an integrated shelving system, which compresses items into the suitcase and can store enough clothes for a five-day trip

If you’re an organised packer, then this is the suitcase for you.

The Carry-On Closet features an integrated shelving system, which compresses items into the suitcase and can store enough clothes for a five-day trip: five T-shirts, a pair of shoes, a jumper, a pair of jeans, and socks and underwear for each day.

The bag’s polycarbonate shell means it’s ‘virtually indestructible’ (the firm claims ‘you can sit and jump on it’) and it comes with a three-digit combination lock and USB charging port.


Setout Backpack, £153, tortugabackpacks.com

The Setout Backpack (above) features laptop and tablet sleeves, enough room for clothes for a week, lockable zippers and hip belt pockets for boarding passes and passports

Rather than packing from the top like a traditional backpack, often resulting in a jumbled mess of belongings, this bag is loaded from the front just like a suitcase. You then zip it up and carry it like a rucksack.

It features laptop and tablet sleeves, enough room for clothes for a week, lockable zippers and hip belt pockets for boarding passes and passport.


Rock Smart-Lite Carry On, £64.95, amazon.com

A good option for those on a budget, the Smart-Lite suitcase is made from ultra-lightweight materials. The bag comes in five bright colours and features eight easy-glide wheels, plus an integrated USB port to charge up your phone or tablet.


Nomatic 40L travel bag, £206.99, nomatic.com

If you prefer to carry your luggage on your back rather than pull, a clever rucksack could be more suitable. This travel bag has compartments for everything, including a laundry bag, book pocket, laptop pocket, shirt organiser, shoe compartment, water bottle pocket, valuables pocket, underwear compartment and toiletries bag.

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