When can I travel to Greece? Latest holiday advice

GREECE is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits, with many hoping to return this summer.

Here is everything you need to know about travelling to the country this year.

Can I currently travel to Greece?

No, as the UK lockdown bans all non-essential travel which includes holidays.

You can only visit Greece for essential reasons which include work, education or health reasons.

All departures must have a travel declaration form and a negative coronavirus test to enter Greece, as well as a Passenger Locator Form.

To return from Greece, you will also need three Covid tests and quarantine for 10 days.

When can I travel to Greece?

The UK is yet to give an official date for when Brits can go on holiday abroad again.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed that the UK government's Global Travel Taskforce will announce on April 12 when this could be.

The earliest date is May 17, but could be later in the year on June 21.

Despite this, Greece wants tourists back as soon as May 14, according to the country's tourism minister.

“This year and forever ‘all you want is Greece,’” Harry Theoharis told delegates attending the conference in Berlin virtually.

“For the smile to return to your lips, with the hope you will take your life back all you want is Greece,” he said.  

What are the travel restrictions for Greece?

Right now, Brits need a negative coronavirus test to be able to enter the country, as well as another on arrival and a mandatory quarantine between seven and 14 days depending on the result.

However, anyone with a vaccine passport – which is currently being trialled – may be able to skip the test restrictions.

While those without proof of a vaccine won't be banned from the country, they will still need the negative test and quarantine.

The country is not on the UK's high risk list, so Brits can quarantine at home when they return to Britain, and can leave on day five with a fourth negative Covid test.

Are hotels and bars open in Greece?

Right now there are some restrictions in place, depending on the area of Greece.

A curfew is in place from 9pm to 5am on weekdays, and from 7pm to 5am on weekends in some parts of the country, along with a ban on non-essential travel.

Holiday bookings for Greece are already booming due to the latest announcement.

Brits should book holidays to the smaller islands in Greece as they are likely to be vaccinated before the other, more popular islands.

We've rounded up some of the best Greece holiday deals.

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