Why you fart more on planes – and it isn’t your fault – The Sun

FLIGHTS can cause your body to do a lot of strange things, including changing your taste buds and your ears popping.

You also fart more on a plane than on the ground – but experts have revealed why it isn't your fault.

Jacob Rosenberg, a clinical professor at the University of Copenhagen says it is all down to the cabin pressure dropping.

He made the discovery after noticing that his stomach had become bloated on a long-haul flight to New Zealand.

After clocking that his empty water bottle had expanded during the flight, then crumpled when it came back down to earth, he realised that the same could apply to his stomach.

He told the BBC: “The pressure drops and the air must expand into more space.”

According to Jacob, the gas sitting inside the stomach then expands by 30 per cent – and it needs to go somewhere.

There are ways to limit the amount you gross people out though.

By eating more carbohydrates and less fibre at the airport and on the plane, you can limit your bloating.

If the problem is insurmountable though, you could also invest in some “flatulence filtering underwear.”

The pants, made by Shreddies, feature an activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odours.

Back in 2018, a passenger was kicked off a flight after he was accused of refusing to stop farting.

Flight attendants also suffer from the problem with cabin crew regularly performing aisle checks as an excuse to fart, which they call “crop-dusting.”

We've done the maths to work out how much fart is on your plane too.

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