Will Greece be added to the UK quarantine list?

GREECE is one of the few holiday hotspots still on the UK safe list, with Brits heading to the islands for a last-minute summer holiday.

Here is everything to know about heading to Greece and whether it will be put on the quarantine list after France and Spain.

Will Greece be put on the quarantine list?

Greece is not currently on the UK quarantine list, and the government is yet to confirm if it will be when they next update the travel corridor list.

However, any countries with more than 20 new cases per 100,000 population are put on the UK government's watch list, putting the country at risk of being removed from the air bridge list.

Greece's new infections per 100,000 is currently at 21.5, having risen from in recent weeks.

Greece, which has 7,075 cases of coronavirus, has seen new infections climb since the end of July.

What happens if the country is quarantined while I am on holiday?

If the country does go into quarantine, Brits will be given notice to be able to return to the UK, although this may be around 24 hours as seen by France and Spain.

If families come back after the date given by the UK government, then they will have quarantine for two weeks on their return.

Greece may also then enforce similar restrictions – Spain has not, however, so whether they reciprocate is not confirmed.

The country currently has its own entry requirements for British tourists.

All arrivals must have filled in a Passenger Locator Form 24 hours before travelling, which will then send a QR code.

The QR code must be shown on arrival.

Greece is also undertaking random coronavirus tests at the airport, and anyone who tests positive will be forced to quarantine for two weeks in the country.

What happens if I have a holiday booked when the travel ban is in place?

If Greece is put onto the ban list, then tour operators and airlines are likely to stop flights and holidays.

This will mean they will offer a refund or credit note, while some airlines are allowing passengers to move their flights free of charge.

EasyJet and Ryanair have waived their flight change fees although you will need to pay the difference in flight costs.

Tour operators such as Jet2 and TUI are also likely to postpone package holidays.

Brits have been gambling with holidays to the Greek islands which have seen plummeting holiday deal prices.

Bar owners in Greece have already been fined for breaking the new curfew in place.

A British family have been forced to quarantine for two weeks in Greece after testing positive for coronavirus on arrival.

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