Will Spain be on the green list for summer holidays? Latest travel advice

SPAIN is one of the most popular holiday destination for Brits, with cheap deals, short flights and hot weather.

However, with holidays off of the list until at least May 17, eager holidaymakers are likely looking to when they can head back to Spain, especially the islands.

The government has confirmed that a traffic light system will open up low-risk countries to Brits without having to quarantine.

Countries will be placed on a green, amber or red list depending on the risk they pose to the UK, as well as the current Covid situation in the country and their own vaccine rollout.

In the case of “green” countries, Brits can travel and return home without having to quarantine but will need to have a negative test to come back into the UK and then take a PCR test within two days of returning.

While green list countries have not yet been revealed by the government, stating it is "too early", some destinations which are likely to be put onto it in Europe include Malta and Gibraltar, both of which have a high vaccine rollout.

Sadly, Spain is unlikely to be on the green list at first, meaning it is unlikely a holiday can resume to the destination from May 17.

Just 15 per cent of the population has had their first Covid jab – compared to the UK's 47 per cent – and just 6.6 per cent are fully vaccinated.

The country hopes to have half of the population vaccinated by July.

Spain’s infection rate has also risen in the past 14 days, from 127.8 per 100,000 people to 199, although is still much lower than during the January peak.

This means the country is likely to be placed on the "amber" list, which requires a pre-test arrival as well as a 10-day quarantine at home, with tests on day two and eight.

Only if cases go down and the vaccine rollout is sped up, will it likely be put onto the "green" list for the summer.

Airlines and tour operators have warned that PCR tests are still too expensive, meaning green list destinations will still price out budget travellers.

PCR tests currently cost between £60 to £120 per person – although Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he was looking into reducing these costs.

Other countries in Europe such as Italy and Greece may also be placed onto the amber list, while France risks the red list due to the soaring cases.

Here are some of the best holiday deals you can book to destinations which are most likely to be on the government's "green" list.

Thankfully UK holidays can go ahead, with restrictions lifted yesterday for self-catered properties such as campsites and holiday parks, for single-household trips.

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