Woman left horrified after passenger secretly takes pictures of her feet during a flight

THIS woman probably thought her flight would be business as usual.

But her choice in footwear paired with her strange seatmate meant that she was left feeling awkward.

Alina Bedrossian shared a video on TikTok of her trying to relax in her plane seat with her feet stretched out in front of her.

But what should've been a normal flight was disrupted when she realised that the stranger sitting next to her was slyly snapping pictures of her feet.

In the video, the man can be seen leaning forward with his phone to get a clear shot of Alina's feet.

He carefully angled the phone before looking back at the pictures he captured, much to her horror.

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Alina said: "Yes I do have shoes on and no I don't know the guy!"

The man can then be seen editing the pictures of her manicured toes, somewhat shamelessly.

Alina captioned the clip: "WTF am I supposed to say?"

When one person commented: "That would totally ruin my flight," Alina noted that the rest of her holiday was fun.

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Other users couldn't believe the man was so bold, one said: "You should've called him out and told the flight attendant, they might've bumped you to first class."

A second quipped: "Full brightness too?!!"

Another user jumped to the man's defence: "I think bro just liked the shoes and wanted to show his friends or wife."

Others joked that they'd make him pay for the sneaking snaps: "I would've made him pay me, or threaten to tell!"

A pilot has explained why you should never take your shoes off during a flight.

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But earlier this year, a passenger was left horrified after a woman put her bare feet on her head during a flight.

Last year, a man was praised for his "no-nonsense" approach to a passenger's feet on his armrest after he poured water on them.

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