Woman reveals gross reason you should wash all your clothes after a holiday even if you didn’t wear them | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed the gross reason you should wash all of your holiday clothes – even if you didn't wear them.

Aly recently gave the advice after staying at a five-star hotel.

She told her TikTok followers that she always washes all of her clothes, even the clean ones – after bed bugs found their way back to her house.

She said in the video: "If you’re travelling in 2023, you need to watch this video,” she said.

“Imagine coming home from your dream vacation to an absolute nightmare because that’s what happened to me.

“I stayed in a five-star hotel and I came home with bedbugs.

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“I know what you’re thinking, ‘That’s not going to happen to me, I’m staying at a nice place, I’m such a clean person.’

“All of those things do not matter."

She explained: "I don’t care if you didn’t wear it, just wash everything when you get home.

“I pack things I don’t wear all the time – but when you bring it home, you need to wash it, you dry it, high heat if possible.”

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She also said you should never put your suitcase or clothes on the bed, and to hang your clothes in the hotel wardrobe.

She finished by saying: "This advice was straight from the professional pest controller.

“Stay safe. If this saves even one person, God bless.”

The video has been watched more than 1.7million times and people were stunned in the comments.

One person said: "This video is stressing me out and i don’t even travel like that."

Someone else wrote: "I wouldn’t wish bed bugs on my worst enemy."

Another chimed in: "As a flight attendant, I’ve stayed in reputable hotels and let me tell you, ALWAYS assume they have bed bugs. Store your bags, ZIPPED in the bathroom."

Another flight attendant has revealed the 80p item which can stop you taking bedbugs home.

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