Woman slams 'towel moron' for hogging sun lounger on holiday – and reveals clever trick to stop it | The Sun

A WOMAN has slammed a fellow holidaymaker for reserving sun loungers by the pool – before revealing how she prevents others from doing it.

This summer countless videos emerged of people getting up early to reserve sun beds with their towels.

The resort Claire Riddington was staying at was no different, as she found when she went down to the pool in the morning.

Upon discovering a sun bed blocked with a towel, the Tiktoker got her phone out and publicly slammed the culprit, labelling them a "towel moron".

In a video that has now been seen more than 750,000 times, Claire wrote: "When a towel moron reserves one bed and a 'brella" before showing how her and her friends prevent them from doing it again.

The next scene in her video shows the reserved bed in between two other beds, with Claire's friends sitting on them, so whoever reserved the bed will have to sit uncomfortably between them.

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It is captioned: "Can't wait to see who our neighbour is."

The video received a lot of comments, with people divided over whether or not Claire should have called the person out at all, or possibly even dished out more punishment.

One wrote: "I move towels. Sorry. You're not here and I am. What are they gonna do?"

Another said: "If you’re not at the damn pool you have no right to reserve a seat.. be there or not."

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However others felt she was a little harsh with her video.

One said: "People have every right to reserve a bed!"

Another added: "It’s one person, they need to go places like breakfast and the loo, the pool, etc."

Claire's technique for preventing people from reserving beds is similar to the one used by a plane passenger to make sure he gets a row of seats to himself.

In a video on TikTok, user Mike Davis showed how he makes sure that no one sits next to him after boarding a plane, by enthusiastically inviting them to join him in his row.

A lot of people admitted the tactic would very likely work on them, due to how creepy it is.

One said: "I have never been more creeped out in my life! very effective."

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