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A WOMAN on a flight had to take matters into her own hands, when a fellow passenger wouldn't stop farting.

The woman was mid-air when she realised that someone else was repeatedly breaking wind, causing the cabin to smell.

To get to the bottom of the problem, she reached out to other passengers on the flight using her phone's airdrop function, to send a message to the person on board dropping some air of their own.

Devin Hance (@devinhance93) reached out to others, saying: "if you're farting on the plane, please stop".

She revealed her responses in a video on Tiktok.

One person responded suggesting that the culprit was someone sat closer to Devin.

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They wrote: "It doesn't stink next to me, it's someone next to you."

Another person thought they had pinpointed the exact row where the farting was coming from, saying: "Bro it's aisle 16 most likely".

Devin's video has been seen by more than eight million viewers, plenty of whom had their own theories about who was responsible.

Some pointed to a passenger called "Arturo" who rejected Devin's attempts at communication.

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One wrote: "It's Arturo. He declined your airdrop."

Another referred to him as "Farturo".

However, Devin never managed to track down the farter, as one person responded to her message by inviting her to play Battleships on the plane's entertainment system.

She switched her focus from other passengers dropping bombs, so she could drop some on some virtual ships.

The farting passenger may not have been able to help themselves because according to experts, there's not much we can do about it when flying.

Jacob Rosenberg, a clinical professor at the University of Copenhagen says it is all down to the cabin pressure dropping.

He made the discovery after noticing that his stomach had become bloated on a long-haul flight to New Zealand.

He told the BBC: “The pressure drops and the air must expand into more space.”

According to Jacob, the gas sitting inside the stomach then expands by 30 per cent – and it needs to go somewhere.

Back in 2018, a passenger was kicked off a flight after he was accused of refusing to stop farting.

Two Dutchman who were sitting next to the passenger who kept breaking wind objected loudly – demanded the crew on the flight from Dubai to Amsterdam to do something.

Flight attendants also suffer from the problem with cabin crew regularly performing aisle checks as an excuse to fart, which they call “crop-dusting.”

During a flight, crew try not to pass wind in the tiny galley where their colleagues are taking a break.

Instead, they save up their gas and let it out while doing a walk through the cabin.

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And this politician tried to end farting on planes.

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