You’re more likely to get a hotel upgrade if you have a posh name and a shiny wedding ring, claim experts – The Sun

A POSH name, a clean wedding ring and staying for just one night are all ways to make your free hotel upgrade more likely.

Hotel experts have revealed what they are looking for when it comes to getting you a better room.

According to spa website SpaSeekers, hotel managers explained that they upgade people for free for a range of reasons.

SpaSeekers Relations Expert Pav Klair spoke to Sun Online Travel about what staff are looking for.

He said: "Hotel managers are trained to keep an eye out for certain characteristics when deciding whether to give a free upgrade.

"A lot of the time, the ability to give out an upgrade depends on how fully booked up the hotel is, but there are other things hotel staff are told to look out for."

We round up just some of the ways you could get some additional perks without the cost.

Have a posh name

According to experts, having a posh name makes staff associate guests with money and finer things.

Pav explained: "Double-barrelled and unique surnames can indicate an affluent customer that is more likely to be respectful to luxurious rooms.

"It may also suggest that the person is in a position of authority and their review could be extra-crucial to the hotel."

A previous study found that people with the names David, Edward and Alice are more likely to be millionaires.

Shine your wedding ring

A shiny wedding ring suggests one thing without needing to say it – a newly married couple.

Not only are staff likely to want to make the stay special, but it also means pictures of the hotel are more likely to be shared on social media.

Pav added: "Staff are told to look out for shiny weddings rings and loved up couples who may have recently got married.

"A lot of newlyweds are particularly good at capturing their stays in hotels as it’s such a happy period in their lives."

Talk about the hotel on social media before you check in

Hotels are always looking for positive reviews and free promotion on social media.

Dropping them a message on a public forum such as Twitter beforehand will make them aware of your before you arrive.

Not only that, but a small request for an upgrade before getting to the hotel could work wonders.

Stay for one night

An upgrade is lovely for the guest, but can cost the hotel more money.

Guests who are staying for a while are unlikely to get an upgrade.

However, a one-night stay means you could get the luxury suite for the evening.

Other ways you could get a hotel upgrade include checking in late and asking for a quieter room.

Cabin crew have also revealed how to get upgraded on a flight – which includes being famous and being nice.

Brits have admitted to pretending to be someone else or pretending to be ill to get a free upgrade.

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