100 signs along 106 Street in south Edmonton coming down

About 100 street signs along a cluttered section of 106 Street in south Edmonton are in the process of being removed.

The City of Edmonton said that number represents about 30 per cent of the total number of signs along 106 Street between 63 Avenue and 76 Avenue.

In November 2018, Global News first reported the story of sign pollution along 106 Street.


Concerns about sign pollution coming to an Edmonton neighbourhood

Within a 15-block distance, Global News counted hundreds of different signs — from playground zone notifications and speed limits to bike lane advisories, traffic advisories and more.

Weeks later, the city acknowledged the redundancy of signs and admitted some could be removed.

In a memo issued Monday, the city said an assessment has concluded that some of the signs can come down without the risk of compromising safety.

Work began in December to reduce and relocate signage, the city said. Some of the signs that were removed include no stopping and bicycle turn restriction signs.

The work will continue this spring with the replacement of some of the signage that identifies the start of a concrete median with “visually-less-intrusive green flexposts.”

In mid-2019, the city plans to look at a local traffic bylaw or the Alberta Traffic Safety Act in hopes of formalizing the turning right-of-way between cyclists and motorists to reduce some of the “right turning vehicles yield” signs.

Watch below: Ongoing Global News coverage of sign pollution along a stretch of 106 Street in south Edmonton 

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