10ft python nearly severs man’s penis while he uses toilet

A Thai man was rushed to hospital after a snake bit him on the PENIS in the toilet of his own home.

The three-metre python was reportedly lurking in the toilet bowl when it lept up and sank its teeth into the man’s private parts, according to Bangkok’s Daily News.

"I felt something bit my penis. When I saw the snake, I instinctively caught it with my hands so it could let me go," the man told the newspaper.

"I should have been more careful. I saw a snake in another toilet in the house two months ago so I was using this one instead. But I didn’t realise the toilets could be connected," he added.

Doctors gave the 45-year-old man 15 stitches and say he is expected to make a full recovery.

The snake was later caught and released back into the wild.

In 2016, another Thai man was seriously injured after a snake bit him on his genitals in Chachoengsao Province, east of Bangkok.

Medics say the man lost a significant amount of blood during the encounter but did not suffer permanent damage.

Rescuers were forced to dismantle the toilet to remove the snake which also survived the ordeal.

"This is all bizarre," a rescuer told CNN. "I had witnessed snakes [come] out of toilets many times, and when they bit [it] mostly would be at legs or butts. Not the penis, this is the first time."

Earlier this year, a housewife – also from Chachoengsao, Thailand – was horrified to visit the bathroom and find a 10ft long python curled up next to her toilet.

Chalisa Sunthorn, 48, walked into the bathroom on Sunday morning in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and shrieked in fright when she saw the snake sleeping soundly.

The enormous reptile had slithered up through the pipe work and past the U-bend of the toilet before it stretched out on the floor – and apparently dozed off.

”Thinking about it makes me feel sick. The snake could have eaten me. I’ve been too scared to go back into the toilet.”

The snake was later released back into the wild after being checked over for injuries and illnesses.

In Bangkok alone, nearly 35,000 snakes were reported to and caught by authorities nearly double the figure from 3 years ago. Most snakes caught in the Thai capital are non-poisonous.

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