15 hens stranded stranded in Magaluf as Ryanair cancels flight home

A hen party in Magaluf were left in the lurch after airline Ryanair cancelled their flight home with just two days notice.

Bank worker Kirsty Mullen, who was in the holiday resort with 14 friends on the hen do, was told on Sunday that their flight to Glasgow that was due to leave today, had been cancelled.

They were told the news by the company they had booked their holiday through, On The Beach.

When Kirsty asked why and what could be done about it, she was told she would have to deal with Ryanair directly as they were a third party, reports Daily Record.

When she contacted the carrier, Ryanair told the girls they could pay up front for another flight home with a different airline today and then put in a claim for compensation – or they could book them on the next available Ryanair flight from Palma to Prestwick on Friday.

If the girls had decided to stay until Friday, they would have had to fork out up front for their extra nights of accommodation, and then make a claim to Ryanair once they were home.

Kirsty’s worried mum Elaine Collins called the airline on her daughter’s behalf and was told by the airline’s customer services department there was "nothing they could do".

She said: "Kirsty needs to get home, she’s got work to get back to and two kids at home. People are saying there are worse places to be stuck but that’s no use when you’ve got work and kids to get back for or if you haven’t got the money for the new flights or the extra days.

"Kirsty has insurance but some of the girls in the group are younger and don’t have the money to pay for new flights or hotels upfront, or insurance. It’s the last couple of days of their holiday and they’ve been going out and spent all their money."

Ryanair said the cancellation was due to a French air traffic controller strike and is understood to have affected a number of flights across Europe, although some airlines are still flying from Mallorca.

A Ryanair spokeswoman said: "This flight from Palma de Mallorca to Glasgow Prestwick (22 May) was regrettably cancelled due to a French ATC strike, which has resulted in all major airlines in Europe cancelling flights.

"All affected customers were notified by SMS text messages and email (at 14:13 on Sunday, 20 May, 54 hours before scheduled flight time) and advised of their options – a full refund, free rebooking on to the next available flight or free transfer on to an alternative flight. This customer is currently liaising with our customer service team regarding her options.

"We apologise sincerely for this flight cancellation which was caused by yet another unjustified French ATC strike."

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Ryanair said that in the case of cancelled flights, customers would be advised of their options of a full refund, free re-booking on to the next available flight or free transfer on to an alternative flight.

When customers opt to be re-booked on to an alternative flight on a different date, they are advised to keep "all receipts for reasonable expenses, including accommodation, which may be submitted to Ryanair".

To add to the girls’ dilemma, the hotel they were staying in had no availability for the rest of the week – because there was a fire in one of their blocks last night.

They eventually decided to pool their money so they could all get home together and were set to fly home to Bristol at 6.50am today and then from Bristol to Glasgow at 4pm – meaning they will lose a day of their holiday and have to wait for Ryanair to refund them the cost of the new flights.

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