17-Year-Old Pregnant Cheerleader Murdered After Speaking With Her Baby’s Father

A pregnant Indiana cheerleader was killed by her child’s father when he realized she was carrying his baby.

17-year-old Breana Rouhselang was a cheerleader at Mishawaka High School in Indiana as well as a softball coach and manager of the football team. After realizing she was pregnant, she left her home to speak with the baby’s father and never returned. 16-year-old Aaron Trejo, a football player and the alleged father of Rouhselang’s unborn infant, reportedly killed her upon finding out the news, according to People.

When Rouhselang first went missing, police searched the area around her Mishawaka home where she was last seen. The found what they believed to be a variety of her personal items, including a bloody hat and glasses. They used these clues to locate the teens body in a dumpster of a nearby restaurant near her home.

Trejo originally proclaimed his innocence telling police that he had arranged to meet with Rouhselang but that she had never showed up. As the evidence piled up against him, he eventually admitted to stabbing her in her heart with a knife he brought to their meeting. He had grown angry upon learning of the pregnancy and realized that it was too late to get an abortion. Thus, he decided to take matters into his own hands. “I took action, I took her life,” he told police according to an affidavit. After hiding her body, he said he tried to cover up his crime by throwing Rouhselang’s cell phone and the murder weapon into a nearby river.

Trejo is facing charges for the murder of both Rouhselang and her unborn child with whom she was six months pregnant. The cheerleader’s family is in disbelief regarding the death of their young daughter. They said that she loved sports and enjoyed being actively involved in many activities at her high school. Her step-mother Nicole began a GoFundMe page to offset funeral expenses and take a small fraction of stress away from her parents. “This is such a hard tragedy to accept! This loving young lady was so full of life and didn’t deserve this.” she wrote. She also encouraged the public to keep the teens parents in their thoughts and prayers. “No one can ever be prepared for a loss like this,” she said.

Although the goal for the GoFundMe page was set at only $100, it reached over $4,000 in just one day. Over 100 people contributed to the fundraiser, offering condolences to the heartbroken family. Mishawaka Community Schools Superintendent Dr. A. Dean Speicher also spoke out regarding the murder calling it a “tragic loss.”

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