19 keto snacks you can get at Target to stock your pantry

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One of the hardest parts about the ketogenic diet is actually sticking to it. When hunger strikes, we tend to reach for whatever is closest and easiest to eat, rather than the healthiest. Therefore, stocking your pantry with keto-friendly snacks is key to staying on track. 

As you may know, the keto diet is essentially a high-fat, low-carb diet that puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Basically, your body already burns carbohydrates for energy. So, by decreasing the amount of carbs you ingest, your body turns to fat as a fuel source and burns fat for energy instead, and this is the state of ketosis. 

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It will take a few days to get your body to adjust and start burning fat over carbs, so it’s important to stick to the diet. Of course, one snack or meal filled with carbs isn’t going to hurt your health, but it will take your body out of ketosis.

Keto-friendly foods include meat, seafood, eggs, full-fat dairy, above ground vegetables and oils, while the do-not eat list is filled with things like pasta, rice, starches, bread and high-carb fruits like bananas. The high-fat component of the diet doesn’t necessarily mean you should eat only bacon or cheese, however. Instead, you should fill your diet with healthy fats like avocados, nuts and salmon. 

With that said, your diet should be mostly whole foods and not the processed, packaged stuff that can often hide added sugars and salt. But, when you need a quick snack, it’s better to grab an organic beef jerky stick or a packet of nuts over a handful of chips.

Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite keto snacks at Target to keep on hand so you can stick to your goals without any real preparation:

Birch Benders Keto Pancake Mix

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Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing To Go Cups

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Maranatha No Added Sugar or Salt No Stir Almond Butter

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Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Supplement Powder – Vanilla 12-pack

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Good Foods Tomatillo Avocado Salsa

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Raw Mixed Deluxe Nuts

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ZonePerfect Keto Nutrition Shake – Butter Coffee

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Moon Cheese® Gouda Natural & Crunchy Cheese Snack

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Vermont Smoke & Cure Original Beef & Pork Sticks Multipack 6-pack

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Pearls To-Go Pimiento Stuffed Olives

$4.69Buy now!

Wholly Avocado Minis Cups 4-pack

$3.69Buy now!

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna in Water Pouch

$1.59Buy now!

Atkins Endulge Treats – Peanut Butter Cup

$5.49Buy now!

Babybel Mini Rolls Cheese

$3.49Buy now!

Tumaro's™ Low Carb 9 Grain with Chia Seeds Tortillas

$3.59Buy now!

Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crackers

$3.99Buy now!

Fiber One™ Coconut Almond Protein Chewy Bar

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Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Peppers with Cream Cheese

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Archer Farms On-The-Go Snack Box With Boiled Eggs, Almonds, Genoa Salami & Provolone Cheese

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