3-month-old German shepherd puppy ‘can’t be tricked’ by his owner: ‘So impressive’

A pet owner tried to trick his puppy. But the dog was too well-trained to be fooled.

Smitten the German shepherd has over 37,000 followers on TikTok. The breed is considered the most intelligent and trainable dog. According to Petland, the breed has a “fast and retentive memory, which helps them understand and remember words that are important throughout training, as well as the tricks they learn from you.”

The skillset clearly came in handy for Smitten when his owner tried to get one over on him.

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“His release command is ‘free,’ and I am trying to trick him,” the pet owner wrote in the caption.

The dog sat patiently, waiting for his owner to give the command for him to move.

“Friends, four, French, freak, frog, frosting,” the pet owner said.

With each word, Smitten’s ears perked up, but the dog held his resolve and didn’t move until his owner said: “Free.”

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“3 months old and already can’t be tricked. I am so proud,” the pet owner said.

The video received over 5.2 million views and 1.3 million likes on TikTok.

“The little head bop every time you say a word,” someone wrote.

“So impressive! Well done,” another commented.

“And I can’t even get my 5-year-old dog to come here most of the time,” a person said.

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