$3K in bootleg alcohol destined for northern Sask. community seized by police

Deschambault Lake RCMP said bootleg alcohol worth over $3,000 destined for the northern Saskatchewan community was seized in two separate traffic stops.

The first happened early Tuesday evening when officers stopped a vehicle with two women on Highway 911 just south of Deschambault Lake.

Police said 20 bottles of alcohol – including 17 66-ounce bottles of whisky – and a four-pack of Smirnoff Ice were located in the vehicle.

Officers said the bottles were hidden throughout the vehicle to avoid detection.

Bootleg alcohol seized by police during a March 5, 2019, traffic stop near Deschambault Lake, Sask.

A second vehicle was stopped a short time later, police said, and two women passengers were found with four 66-ounce bottles of whisky and one 26-ounce bottle of vodka.

The four women were charged with the unlawful keeping of alcohol and will appear in court on April 3.

RCMP said they were able to make the seizure with the help of people in the community.

Deschambault Lake is approximately 460 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon.


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