80 years after Hitler launched war on Stalin – who was the most evil tyrant?

It’s 80 years since Hitler launched an all-out war against Stalin’s Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, the German offensive, began on June 22, 1941, with the campaign on the Eastern Front lasting four years and costing millions of lives.

At the heart of the conflict were two tyrants.

The Daily Star's James Moore has the lowdown on this deadly duo…

Adolf Hitler

The 5ft 8in Austrian-born World War One veteran became nazi leader and Chancellor of Germany.


Wagner-loving tyrant doted on his dog Blondi while killing millions. A non-smoking, teetotal veggie, he loved cocaine.

Love life

Married ex-model Eva Braun the day before their death.


He really did have only one testicle.

Strategic genius?

Hitler invaded the Soviet Union with four million troops but they were beaten by a harsh winter.

The Battle of Stalingrad proved a turning point in the war.

On Stalin

“Cold-blooded blackmailer.”

Death toll

Responsible for at least 30million deaths including six million Jews.


Shot himself on April 30, 1945, aged 56, in Berlin.


Pure evil. A deranged despot who killed millions trying eradicate

Joseph Stalin

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The Georgian-born cobbler’s son was just 5ft 4in but named himself Stalin, or “man of steel”.


A pipe smoker, he liked wine, music, practical jokes, and billiards.

Love life

His wife Nadezhda killed herself in 1932. Stalin had various affairs and at least three children.


Childhood smallpox left him pockmarked, with a deformed left arm.

Strategic genius?

Unprepared for invasion, and with the Germans advancing on Moscow, he allied with Britain and the US and ordered his people to defend the nation to the death. Some 26million perished.

On Hitler

“Too bad we didn’t capture him alive.”

Death toll

Responsible for up to 40million deaths.


Had a stroke, aged 74, on March 5, 1953.


Pure evil. A deranged despot who starved and imprisoned millions of his own people.

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