A 'cigarette-addicted' crow is feared dead after six months missing

Father-of-two, 37, who befriended a crow fears it may have died after the thieving bird he called Craig got hooked on his CIGARETTES

  • Pete Cratt came across the bird last year on his allotment in Bexhill, East Sussex 
  • The 37-year-old said the crow, nicknamed Craig, took to pinching his cigarettes
  • Craig took to swooping down on Mr Cratt whenever he stopped for a smoke
  • The bird would sit on people’s shoulders and get underneath Mr Cratt’s shovel 
  • The tobacco-craving avian is feared dead, having not been seen since October 

A crow that developed a love of cigarettes is believed to have died, after it befriended a Sussex father-of-two and developed a taste for his tobacco. 

Pete Cratt, 37, from Bexhill, East Sussex, came across the remarkable bird on his allotment last year, reports The Sun.

The bird took to stealing Mr Cratt’s cigarettes and would even bring the gardener back fag butts, apparently growing addicted to the taste of Amber Leaf tobacco.

Mr Cratt said: ‘It first landed on my back as I was digging in the garden and kept getting under the shovel.  

‘From then on, it constantly followed me around, never leaving me alone.  

The crow, named Craig, developed a penchant for stealing Pete Cratt’s cigarettes after the two met at his allotment in Bexhill, East Sussex

The bird would follow the 37-year-old around the allotment, getting under his shovel and swooping down on him whenever he paused for a fag break and stealing his Amber Leaf tobacco rollies

‘One day I rolled a cigarette and it nicked it. I offered it a light and it appeared to nod its head.

‘After that, if I stepped out the back to smoke it would swoop down to join me and try to get the cigarette.’

Mr Cratt’s daughter Phoebe, seven, and son Austin, five, also got a chance to meet the chain-smoking crow.

The bird would sit on the children’s shoulders and let them feed him, Mr Cratt said.

However, it has been six months since Mr Crat and his children have laid eyes on Craig the smoking crow, with the bird having not returned since October.

Mr Cratt said: ‘We don’t know what happened, but maybe it was the cigarettes which did it.’

Pete Cratt has ‘minted’ a collection of 6,013 NFTs – digital artwork that he plans to sell on the internet – inspired by his encounter with the avian chain smoker

In a bizarre twist, Mr Cratt said he plans to use money raised from the sale of his crow-inspired artwork to fund ‘the best BDSM venue in the UK’

Left with nothing but memories and photographs, Mr Cratt has created an art project dedicated to Craig.

A collection of 6,013 hand-drawn and digitally designed pictures of Craig the crow are on sale at Mr Cratt’s website as NFTs.

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