A traveller requested a diabetic-friendly meal. WestJet served him a box of potatoes

A British man’s flight home on WestJet went sour when the diabetic-friendly meal he requested didn’t meet expectations.

James Boyle, a British DJ and music producer who goes by the name Breakage, was flying WestJet from Canada to the U.K. when he was served a meal “based solely on carbohydrates and sugar.”

The meal? Potatoes, two ways.

Boyle posted about his experience on Twitter and included a photograph of the carb-filled container.

“I’m not one for being a diva, but when I have a diabetic meal request, the last thing I expect is this,” he wrote.

“Potato wedges with mashed potatoes. Even not being diabetic, how is that a meal?”

Boyle said he was served a similar meal on an earlier trip with WestJet. On that flight, he said he was served a packet of potato chips, a packet of raisins, a banana and a sandwich.

“All of which are extremely dangerous or inedible unless going into hypoglycaemic shock,” he said.

His meal on the way home, however, “took it too far,” he said.

“I don’t know how it’s managed to happen and go unnoticed, but it’s really not cool and very dangerous.”

The company’s initial response to Boyle was less than apologetic.

“We apologize, but we’re working on rebuilding the inflight meal service, and we encourage guests to bring food from home on board if they like,” the company wrote on Twitter.

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