Acting CBP commissioner defends agents’ actions at Portland protests

The acting head of Customs and Border Protection Saturday defended his officers and denied claims that they hid their identities and were worsening tensions in Portland, Oregon

“It’s just outrageous and it’s reckless,” Mark Morgan said Saturday on Fox referring to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s complaints about his agents. “The argument that the mere presence of federal officers and agents causes violence, that is outrageous and it’s ridiculous, and I believe that most American people do not believe that.”

Oregon officials said they plan to sue several federal agencies, including Morgan’s, for sending in masked agents to seize and detain protesters.

Demonstrations against police brutality have been going on in Portland for almost two months.

Morgan denied federal officers had done anything wrong, particularly in using unmarked vehicles during arrests.

“What’s happening right now are absolute criminals. They are willfully organizing, planning and coordinating, and preparing themselves and bringing weapons to these areas with the intent to destroy federal property and harm federal agents and officers. That is criminal and that cannot be justified,” he said.

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