Actress and singer shot dead while waiting for son outside football training

Tania Mendoza, a hugely popular Mexican actress and singer best known for the drug cartel drama La Mera Reyna del Sur, has been shot dead in an "execution-style" hit as she waited to collect her son from a sports academy.

Mendoza, 42, was waiting with a group of other parents at the Unidad Felinos Deportiva sports complex in Cuernavaca when two suspects aboard a motorcycle pulled up in front of her.

One of the attackers dismounted and as other parents dived for cover he fired several shots at the star, hitting her in the face and body, before getting back on the bike and making his escape.

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Paramedics and police rushed to the area but Mendoza was declared dead at the scene.

The attack took place on Tuesday, December 14 around 6:30pm local time, according to local sources.

Cuernavaca is situated in the state of Morelos just southwest of Mexico City.

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It became a haven for Mexicans fleeing the crime and lawlessness that drugs gangs had brought to the capital.

Mendoza, along with her young son and her husband Rafael Sánchez Rojas, was the victim of a kidnapping in 2010.

They were seized and beaten by an armed gang before being released a few hours later to find that their house had been ransacked.

The gang later contacted Mendoza and demanded money, telling her she should move out of Morelos and she has reported numerous death threats since then.

After her breakout success in 2003 with La Mera Reyna del Sur, Mendoza has appeared in a dozen other movies and a TV series, the gritty docudrama Mujer, casos de la vida real.

She also released several hit albums.

A United Nations report on gender violence released last month said that Mexico was the second most dangerous country in the world for women. 948 women were murdered in the south American country in 2020, almost equalling 2019's total of 951.

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