Adorable possum found with hands up in defeat inside outdoor barbecue

Hilarious moment a feisty possum hidden under the lid of a barbecue hisses at tradie dad in hi-vis as he tries to cook a burger

  • Adorable possum found hidden in the hood of a family’s outdoor barbecue 
  • The possum has its tiny hands up in defeat as tradie tapped on grill with spatula
  • Family told possum it was interrupting burger night before relocating it to a tree

A family’s burger night was put on hold after a stunned possum was found inside their outdoor barbecue. 

The adorable possum was spotted on Thursday evening hidden in the hood of a family’s barbecue on their patio in Australia with its tiny hand’s lifted up in defeat. 

A tradie grabbed a metal spatula and comically tapped on the grill to move the stunned possum along. 

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The possum has its hands up in defeat as a tradie tapped on grill with spatula to encourage the marsupial to move along 

‘Common buddy, its barbecue night,’ he said as the possum extended its two arms over its head. 

But the marsupial silently opened its mouth in protest as the tradie quickly knocked on the grill again. 

‘We’re talking burgers, get out go on,’ he said while gesturing for the possum to move with the utensil. 

The family said they ended up encouraging the marsupial to hold onto the end of a broom before placing him back in a tree. 

The hilarious video has left other Australian’s unsurprised at the adorable encounter. 

An adorable possum was found hidden in the hood of a family’s outdoor barbecue in Australia

‘Poor thing is surrendering with his little arms up,’ one user commented on TikTok. 

‘Most Australian thing I’ve ever seen,’ another wrote. 

‘He wanted a high-five and you left him hanging,’ another said.  

How to stop possums from entering your home:

1. Fence them out

2. Remove access to food and water

3. Secure your compost and veggie patch

4. Block any access points to your roof

5. Trim trees and branches close to your home

6. Use ultrasonic pest repellent

7. Install a possum box

8. Deter possums with particular plants like mint, geraniums or banksias

9. Provide a separate food source for them in your garden

10. Spread garlic around your garden


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