Adorable surfing dogs ride daring waves with owners in heartwarming competition

Most owners take their dogs for a walk, but these owners took their beloved pooches surfing with them and scored prizes as a result.

Dogs surfed alongside their owners on paddle boards as part of the Brazilian Surf Dog Festival on Saturday, November 27.

The competition saw the adorable pets smoothly glide over the waves with their owners in tow on a beach in the coastal city of Natal, reports Yahoo Sport.

Parafina and her owner Augusto Cesar won first place over the weekend.

Augusto commented: "I'm really excited, I'm very grateful for being here and having won this title."

The magnificent pair have previously won medals at the World Championships before.

Participant Ivan Moreira took part in the festival with dog Bono.

Recalling how he got his dog into surfing, he said: "My idea was to buy a paddle board to start rowing and do a little physical activity.

"Bono got on my board and it was something amazing."

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The owner went on to say that he could see Bono's excitement when it got on the board as he started to bark and wag his tail.

He added: "His happiness on the board started gaining other people's attention. My dog has such a good time on the board!"

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Beginner pooches wore life vests for safety as some of them took on the waves for the first time, reports LatestLY.

Jacqueline Cordeiro, coordinator of the event, said the festival has "proven that it is possible to have humans and pets interacting on the beach."

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