Alec Baldwin and Hilaria return to Hamptons park for second day

EXCLUSIVE: Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria hit Hamptons park for second day in a row to enjoy soccer game with their six kids as star faces lawsuit for accidentally killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins

  • Actor Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, were seen enjoying a day at a Hamptons park for the second day in a row on Sunday as they played with their children
  • Baldwin, 63, was photographed with his hair slicked back on Sunday as he enjoyed a picnic with his family and munched on some potato chips on a park bench
  • His children were also pictured playing soccer, with Hilaria seen chasing after one of their sons
  • Baldwin had also made an outing to the park on Saturday, when he was seen playing soccer with his sons
  • It was the first time since he fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, 42, on the set of his western, Rust, during a rehearsal on October 21
  • Previous pictures of the embattled actor showed him looking somber
  • Baldwin is now facing a lawsuit from script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who accused him of playing ‘Russian Routlette’ when he fired the gun without checking if it was loaded
  • She claimed the scene did not call for him to fire the gun that day
  • A second lawsuit was filed by a gaffer, Serge Svetnoy, who alleged negligence on the set and claimed the shooting left him with ‘severe emotional distress’
  • Santa Fe police are still investigating the fatal shooting 

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, were seen enjoying a day in a Hamptons park for the second day in a row on Sunday as they played with their children.

Baldwin, 63, was photographed with his hair slicked back on Sunday as he enjoyed a picnic with his family and munched on some potato chips on a park bench in the Long Island billionaires’ enclave. 

His children were also pictured taking advantage of the open space to play soccer, with Hilaria pictured chasing after their son before Alec joined in on the family-fun.

It was the second day in a row the family enjoyed the great outdoors. The outing came a day after Baldwin was pictured publicly smiling for the first time since he accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of his western, Rust, during a rehearsal on October 21.

Last week, Rust script supervisor Mamie Mitchell tearfully announced that she was suing the actor and accused him of playing ‘Russian Roulette’ when he fired a gun without checking it first to make sure it was not loaded.

She further claimed that the scene being filmed did not call for him to fire the gun.

Embattled actor Alec Baldwin was pictured on Sunday enjoying a day in the park with his children

The family appeared to be enjoying a picnic in the park when Hilaria chased after one of her boys as she laughed

Baldwin did not seem to let the food or drinks go to waste

He was pictured munching on some potato chips on a park bench in East Hampton, New York

Baldwin was named as one of nearly two dozen defendants in the complaint.

The photographs obtained by show the 63-year-old actor wearing a black t-shirt and dark-colored pants as he walked around a park in East Hampton on Sunday.

Hilaria, meanwhile, sported a puffy silver winter jacket, with black leggings, black boots and a navy blue sweater saying ‘Grateful.’

The Baldwin family appeared to enjoy a picnic, with food splayed out on a table in front of them, as the children ran around.

Baldwin later seemed to have joined then joined in on the fun, as he was pictured running around with the soccer ball for the second day in a row, having been pictured on Saturday playing soccer with his young sons, and laughing. 

At one point on Saturday, he even took his camera out to either take photos or video of the fun day out.

Eventually, Baldwin joined in on the fun, chasing his son around with a soccer ball

Baldwin sported a black t-shirt and dark-colored pants in the brisk autumn weather

The kids took advantage of the wide-open space to spread out and play some ball

Hilaria kicked the ball towards one of her sons in one corner of the park

Alec Baldwin was previously seen smiling on Saturday while playing soccer at the park. It was the first time he was seen smiling  since the shooting death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on October 21

Baldwin was running and kicking the ball around the soccer pitch with the kids

He even took his phone out at one point on Saturday, likely videotaping or photographing his children while they play

Earlier photos of the embattled actor had showed him looking somber, as he faces the fallout of the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins, 42.  

He was pictured last week outside of his Greenwich Village home, dressed in a casual dark-colored T-shirt despite the chilly November weather, and with his silver hair carefully coifed.

Baldwin climbed into a black Cadillac to drop some of his children off at their school in Brooklyn. 

It was the first time the public saw Baldwin since Mitchell announced the lawsuit.

Amid mounting legal trouble, Baldwin’s face appeared care-worn and haggard. 

As he settled into the front passenger seat, he donned a dark-blue cloth face mask.

And last week – just hours after Mitchell’s lawsuit was made public – Baldwin and Hilaria were photographed returning home from an outing with friends. 

The 30 Rock alum opted for a formal-attire ensemble for the occasion, complete with a dark suit and tie. 

Mamie Mitchell, the first person to call 911 after Hutchins was accidentally shot by Baldwin on the film’s set last month, broke down in tears last Tuesday as she announced the filing of her lawsuit against Baldwin and other producers of the low-budget Western movie.

The suit names 22 defendants associated with the film, including Baldwin, Rust producers, six production companies – El Dorado Pictures, Thomasville Pictures, Short Porch Pictures, Brittany House Pictures, 3rd Shift Media and Streamline Global – armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, First Assistant Director David Halls and others. 

Mitchell, a 40-year industry veteran, was standing close to Hutchins when the bullet fired from Baldwin’s gun killed her and then injured director Joel Souza.

The suit claims assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and deliberate infliction of harm. It also states that the scene being shot did not require a gun to be fired. 

‘I ran out and called 911 and said, “Bring everybody, send everybody,”’ Mitchell said during a press conference. ‘This woman is gone at the beginning of her career. She was an extraordinary, rare, very rare woman.’   

Mitchell said she was standing less than four feet away from Hutchins when she was shot and was hit by residue from that bullet.

‘I will never forget what happened on the set of Rust that day,’ she said. ‘I relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again.’

Mitchell said she was left depressed and ‘frightened of the future’.

‘This violent tragedy has taken away the joy in my life,’ she added.

She said she wants to prevent what happened on the set from happening to anyone else. 

Mitchell and attorney Gloria Allred laid out their lawsuit – which alleges assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and deliberate infliction of harm in a news conference last Tuesday

Serge Svetnoy shared the final photo of Halyna Hutchins (pictured holding the camera) on set in the church just moments before she was shot dead

Mitchell’s high-powered attorney, Gloria Allred, alleged that live ammunition was brought to the set, that the assistant director improperly handed Baldwin the gun; Baldwin knew that the gun should’ve never been given to him and that he could not rely on any statement by the assistant director about whether or not the gun was safe to use.

‘Alec Baldwin intentionally, without just cause or excuse, cocked and fired the loaded gun even though the upcoming scene to be filmed did not call for the cocking and firing of the firearm,’ Allred said. ‘Mr. Baldwin chose to play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun without checking it and without having the armorer do so.’

‘Mr. Baldwin cannot hide behind the Assistant Director to attempt to excuse the fact that he did not check the gun himself,’ continues the complaint from Mitchell, who was in the church location on the Bonanza Creek Ranch when Baldwin’s ‘quick draw’ rehearsal turned tragic.

The attorney added that Baldwin should have assumed the gun was loaded until it was checked that it was not loaded.

Allred said last month that her client has evidence which will be ‘helpful in this investigation’ and has been interviewed by law enforcement and that even if the assistant director told him the gun was fine, he should not have used it based on that advice. 

The lawsuit claimed that the actions that led to the shooting ‘do not constitute simple negligence’ by the producers and Baldwin.

She also accuses Baldwin of being careless and ignoring industry norms by not checking the gun; and that Baldwin ignored safety protocols.

All guns and ammunition are supposed to be secured throughout the production and the armorer is supposed to stay around all guns; instead, Allred said, ammunition and guns were left unattended by the armorer. 

Halyna Hutchins was up-and-coming cinematographer when she was shot dead after Alec Baldwin discharged a gun on the set of Rust on October 21. He had reportedly been told the gun was not loaded at the time

Hutchins’ October 19, 2021 Instagram post showed cast members and staffers, including Baldwin alongside Hutchins herself and armorer Gutierrez-Reed (circled left to right) on the set of Rust in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In a statement, Allred said Mitchell was standing near Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza when they were shot and immediately ran out of the church.

‘Halyna was a friend and close colleague of Mamie,’ Allred said in a statement late last month. ‘She is devastated by the loss of her friend who was an extraordinary woman. Mamie recently attended the vigil for Halyna and her heart goes out to Halyna’s husband and son to whom she has spoken.’

Allred said her client as ‘traumatized’ and said they are conducting their own investigation into what happened. 

The head of lighting on the film filed another lawsuit last Wednesday, alleging negligence that caused him ‘severe emotional distress’ that will haunt him forever.

Serge Svetnoy said in the suit that the bullet that killed his close friend Hutchins, narrowly missed him, and he held her head as she died.

‘They should never, ever, have had live rounds on this set,’ Svetnoy’s attorney Gary A. Dordick said at a news conference Wednesday.

The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court names nearly two dozen defendants associated with the film including Baldwin, who was both star and a producer; David Halls, the assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun; and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who was in charge of weapons on the set.

It is the first known lawsuit of what could be many stemming from the October 21 shooting.

Serge Svetony, left, a gaffer on the film, also filed a lawsuit alleging negligence that caused him ‘severe emotional distress’ 

Rust was the ninth film that Svetnoy and Hutchins had worked on together and he said he took the job at a low pay because she asked him to, saying at a news conference last week, ‘She was my friend

Rust was the ninth film that Svetnoy and Hutchins had worked on together, and he had taken the job at low pay because she asked him to. 

‘She was my friend,’ Svetnoy said at the news conference.

He said he had seen guns sitting unattended in the dirt a few days earlier in the shoot, and had warned the people responsible about them.

On the day of the shooting, he was setting up lighting within 6 or 7 feet of Baldwin, the suit says.

‘What happened next will haunt Plaintiff forever,’ the suit says.

‘He felt a strange and terrifying whoosh of what felt like pressurized air from his right. He felt what he believed was gunpowder and other residual materials directly strike the right side of his face.’

Then, with his glasses scratched and his hearing muffled, he knelt to help Hutchins, the suit said.

The lawsuit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages to be determined later. It was filed in Los Angeles County because the plaintiff and most of the defendants are based there.

Attorneys and representatives for the defendants did not immediately respond to email and phone messages seeking comment on the suit.

Gutierrez Reed’s lawyer Jason Bowles said in a statement Wednesday that ‘we are convinced this was sabotage and Hannah is being framed. We believe that the scene was tampered with as well before the police arrived.’

Bowles said his client has provided authorities with a full interview and continues to assist them. The statement did not address the lawsuit.

‘We are asking for a full and complete investigation of all of the facts, including the live rounds themselves, how they ended up in the “dummies” box, and who put them in there,’ the statement said.

Gutierrez Reed said last week that she had inspected the gun Baldwin shot but doesn’t know how a live bullet ended up inside. 

Halls also said last week that he hoped the tragedy prompted the film industry to ‘reevaluate its values and practices’ to ensure no one is harmed again, but did not provide details.

Baldwin had reportedly believed the gun was not loaded when he pointed it at Hutchins and director Joel Souza

He called it a ‘one-in-a-trillion’ event in a video on October 30, claiming the crew was ‘very, very well-oiled’ when the shooting occurred. The shooting is now under investigation by Santa Fe police

Baldwin said on video on October 30 that the shooting was a ‘one-in-a-trillion event’ saying, ‘We were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together and then this horrible event happened.’

The director Souza told detectives that Baldwin was rehearsing a scene in which he drew a revolver from his holster and pointed it toward the camera, which Hutchins and Souza were behind, according to court records in New Mexico.

Souza said the scene did not call for the use of live rounds, and Gutierrez Reed said real ammo should never have been present, according to the court records.

The Los Angeles lawsuit alleges that the scene did not call for Baldwin to fire the gun at all, only to point it.

Hollywood professionals have been baffled by the circumstances of the movie-set shooting. It already has led to other production crews stepping up safety measures.

Santa Fe-area District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies said investigators have encountered no proof of sabotage.

Her comments, first made on Good Morning America, were confirmed Wednesday by agency spokeswoman Sascha Guinn Anderson.

Carmack-Altwies says that investigators know who loaded the gun, though it remains unclear how the deadly round of ammunition got on the movie set. The district attorney said she is concerned that there were so many levels of safety failures.

Dordick said at the news conference that it was ‘far-fetched’ to suggest there was sabotage, but that Gutierrez Reed still had the same responsibility to know what was in the gun and who had handled it.

Authorities have said that Halls, the assistant director, handed the weapon to Baldwin and announced ‘cold gun,’ indicating that the weapon was safe to use.

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