Alec Baldwin tells Howard Stern he'd win if he ran for president in 2020

Could Alec Baldwin go from impersonating the president to becoming the president? He sure seems to think so.

Speaking with Howard Stern on Monday, the actor, who won an Emmy for his Saturday Night Live portrayal of Donald Trump, said that he thinks there are a couple people who could beat the president in 2020. Stern had one specific name in mind: Baldwin.

“If I ran, I would win,” responded Baldwin. “I would absolutely win. I would 1000 percent win.”

So why not run? “I’ve gotta do Match Game,” he joked of his ABC game show. And after using his Trump voice to say he would take all summer off as president, Baldwin once again asserted his strong candidacy. “If I ran for president, I would win,” he claimed. “It would be the funniest, most exciting, most crazy campaign.”

Watch the full video above.

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