Alleged killer of New School professor: ‘I’m depressed’

The man who allegedly murdered a New School professor in his Prospect Park South home said from a detention complex on Thursday that he was still in shock over the slaying.

“I’m depressed,” alleged killer Mirzo Atadzhanov said from the Brooklyn House of Detention. “I’m in shock. It was two days ago.”

Atadzhanov, 28, has been charged with second-degree murder and burglary in connection to the slaying of 66-year-old Jeremy Safran on Monday night.

The suspect claimed Thursday that he did not know the victim or his wife Jennifer Hunter — who works at Brooklyn College where Atadzhanov graduated with a degree in biology.

“I do not know the family,” he muttered. “I don’t like talking about this.”

Atadzhanov allegedly stabbed the professor five times — twice in the chest and three times in the stomach. He claims he acted in self-defense.

When asked if he brought the knife with him to the scene of the crime, the suspect refused to answer.

“No comment,” he said, before walking away.

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