Allison Mack: Her First Week With NXIVM Revealed & How It Led To 12 Years Serving A Cult Leader

Allison Mack wasn’t always an alleged ‘master’ in the NXIVM cult. Learn more about what supposedly led to her rising the ranks within the group, from the very beginning.

Twelve years ago, Allison Mack, now 36, was sucked into the dangerous world of NXIVM, first joining as an innocent and eager student. It was only after years of indoctrination that she allegedly became one of the ringleaders of an inner circle of alleged sex slaves in the cult. But during that first week in the group in 2006, everything was different. Allison had only just booked the part of Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, and had to move to Vancouver from Los Angeles by herself for the role.

Allison was only 18 at the time, and gave up her plans of going to theater school abroad for the show. While she had settled into a happy and healthy routine, friends said she was insecure about skipping college and compensated by trying to take classes and seek “alternative sources of wisdom.” This included taking courses at NXIVM. Allison was introduced to the group’s elite members later, when she was 23, allegedly by her Smallville costar Kristin Kreuk. According to sources within the group who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, they rolled out the red carpet for this celebrity recruit to try to charm her into taking a larger role. They put on the “charm offensive,” and allegedly sucked Allison further in.

“I have a tendency to say I am stupid. I [have become] very comfortable chalking things up to the fact that I don’t have a ‘proper education,’” Allison wrote on her blog in 2007. “The truth is … I am an eternal student, and I am loving all the opportunities I have to grow.”

Sometime over the past 12 years, that clever student morphed into an alleged “master” in NXIVM’s alleged sex cult. “These slaves said Mack was incredibly intimidating, cruel and punitive,” a woman, who declined to speak on the record because of the ongoing case, told THR. The “slaves” reportedly told the women that Allison threatened to release collateral she had on them if they didn’t sleep with NXIVM founder Keith Raniere. “You made a lifetime vow!” she says Mack screamed at them. “She berated them and told them they were worth nothing, that they were weak and couldn’t uphold their word,” says the woman.

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