Alton Towers amputee Leah Washington runs for the first time since Smiler crash

Alton Towers amputee Leah Washington has run for first time three years after the devastating Smiler rollercoaster crash.

Leah was just 17 years old when the coaster crashed into a test car, crushing her leg amongst the twisted metal of the ride.

Brave Leah was taken to hospital where doctors failed to save her injured leg.

Now, three years on, Leah, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, has shared footage of her running for the very first time.

She shared a video of her smiling while running alongside her physio Carolyn – captioning the clip: ‘This is my first time running since my accident. it felt amazing’.

Leah – who was on a first date with her now long-term boyfriend Joe Pugh on the day of the crash – spoke earlier this year about the horrific accident and the moment doctors told her they had to remove her leg.

Describing the ill-fated rollercoaster ride to Cosmopolitan, Leah said: "I started yelling, no no no, and then…there was nothing.

"Only blackness, The next thing I remember was the screaming and the blood.

"There was so much of it. The metal of the safety bars had folded into our bodies."

When she was finally freed Leah was taken to hospital, but doctors could not save her leg.

"The doctor came over in a white coat," she told Cosmo. "He had kind, sad eyes and spoke to me slowly.

‘I’m so sorry. I had to amputate your left leg. It was seriously injured. It was the only way I could save you.’"

The 24-year-old has started blog, Limbitless , and documented her journey from being afraid she might not be able to run, to ordering prosthetics blades and taking on a 10k race.

“Everybody is unique and people should be proud of that. I would love to help other people and that is my aim really. It not only helps them but helps me too.”

Last year Leah posted a series of stunning pictures from her summer holiday with Joe, showing her full prosthetic leg while wearing a bikini.

Leah told the Daily Mirror she is posting the photos in reaction to the unrealistic images young women are bombarded with on social media and magazines.

While soaking up the sun on a Spanish break with Joe, Leah revealed her body confidence struggles after the accident in 2015.

She said: “I think everyone has got some sort of body issues, no matter how big or small they are. I think looking at pictures of young girls and women on Instagram doesn’t really help, and pictures in magazines don’t help either as they are mainly all edited and photoshopped.

“Since my accident I had many issues about how I felt about myself, about the clothing I could wear and about what people think.

“I have much more confidence now. I still obviously have my times where I feel low and clothing doesn’t look right. But I feel like I am getting better and I want to just let girls know that they don’t have to look like the celebrities in magazines or photoshopped pictures.”

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