Angela Merkel delivers hard blow to EU unity after ‘highly problematic’ border shut down

Germany: Border closure 'highly problematic' says expert

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has caused frustration in Austria and the Czech Republic after opting to close Germany’s borders to these nations. DW News’ Barbara Wesel noted Germany took this decision in hopes of stopping the spread of variants of coronavirus. However, Ms Wesel added this could cause more political issues for the European Union amid ongoing unity issues.

DW host Terry Martin said: “Talking about unity, the EU tends to frown upon internal border closures.

“Has this closure, affecting the Czech Republic and Austria, been coordinated with the EU?”

Ms Wesel warned of the serious implications this border closure could have for overall harmony in the EU.

She said: “It has absolutely not been coordinated with the EU.

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“This border closure has been done more or less by a decision made in Munich, the Federal Government in Bavaria and they have just done it overnight.

“They have just said we will close the borders, finito.”

Ms Wesel also argued this decision could prove to be an issue politically and economically for Germany.

She said: “Many people think that this is politically highly problematic.

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“Of course, this region here will be hit again which has already been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

“We have seen many shuttered shops and places that are empty and they will just have to take another economic hit.

“It is a very difficult decision.”

Ms Wesel also highlighted that Germany failed to communicate its intentions to ensure a smooth transition.

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She said: “They didn’t even talk to anybody, particularly they did not talk to the Government’s on the other side and say how can we organise this.

“They did not talk and say how this is going to work.

“The question, of course, is can you stop the virus, can you stop it at the borders if commuters don’t come over anymore.

“Is that really what has caused the spread of the British variant here? Nobody knows that and there is no proof for it.”

The border closure comes nearly a week after Chancellor Merkel announced the extension of Germany’s lockdown measures into March because of the ongoing rise in new coronavirus infections.

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