Angela Rayner admits she might have voted for Boris Johnson and says Keir Starmer 'cheeses me off'

ANGELA Rayner has sensationally admitted even she might have voted for Boris Johnson.

And in an explosive swipe at her party boss, the Labour deputy leader said Sir Keir Starmer does “cheese me off” — but denied they had fallen out.

Ms Rayner said the PM smashed Labour’s once impenetrable Red Wall because he is “spicy” and “comes across as authentic”.

The MP said if she was 18 and making up her mind about politics, she might be wooed by Mr Johnson.

She said: “The Angie Rayner at 18 would have liked someone a bit spicy and willing to throw a grenade in.”

She added: “We like a bit of argy-bargy, or someone [who will] upset what the norm is.”

In a thinly veiled jibe at Sir Keir, she said Boris came across as “authentic” while too many MPs are stuck in “magnolia politics”.

And hinting at the raging tensions at the heart of the Labour leadership, she admitted she clashes with Starmer.

She said the pair are “like yin and yang” — but denied they have massively fallen out.

She added: “He might cheese me off now and again, but that’s what partnerships are like.”

Her remarks risk inflaming the bitter civil war which has rocked her party over the past week.

The Labour left were fuming when Sir Keir sacked Ms Rayner as party chair after the elections bloodbath, accusing him of making a working-class woman carry the can for his fatal mistakes.

But in a botched Labour reshuffle, Ms Rayner ended up with a grander title and more power than ever.

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