Argentinian business class passenger sits next to Angela Merkel

Argentinian business class passenger gets a shock after Angela Merkel sits next to him on commercial flight – before ‘eating yoghurt, reading and taking a nap’

  • Agustin Aguero, 28, was on an Iberia flight to Buenos Aires at the time 
  • Merkel had to change planes in Cologne as her official jet developed a fault 
  • Aguero said she was ‘very relaxed’ and behaved like any other passenger 

Twenty-eight-year-old Agustin Aguero had just settled into his business class seat on board Iberia flight 6849 when, 10 minutes before take-off, German Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared next to him.

Then, Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz as well as aides and bodyguards also crowded into the cabin of the Buenos Aires-bound plane.

The business class area was suddenly full, and Aguero was sitting next to the most powerful woman in the world for the 13-hour flight.

Merkel steps down from Airbus “Konrad Adenauer” on Thursday evening on the tarmac of Cologne’s airport after an emergency landing

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‘I know ‘House of Cards’ and so I had never expected such a normal person,’ the Argentinian told dpa after his experience, referring to the US political television drama.

Merkel, who was on her way to the G20 leaders summit, had been forced on to the commercial flight, after her official plane was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Cologne late Thursday after a technical defect.

Aguero said the late-running chancellor appeared ‘very relaxed,’ and behaved just like any other passenger, eating yoghurt, reading and taking a nap.

An hour before landing, Merkel entered the cockpit to pose for a photo with staff. Although she smiled at Aguero, he said he did not have the courage to speak to her.

Angela Merkel attends a plenary on the second day of the G20 Leader’s Summit in Buenos Aires

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