Audi speeds along a motorway hard shoulder at speeds of up to 100mph

Vorsprung BERK technik! Audi driver filmed speeding along a motorway hard shoulder at up to 100mph

  • A motorist filmed an Audi A3 undertake him on the motorway’s hard shoulder
  • The sporty German car shot up the hard shoulder at up to 100 miles per hour
  • Other cars on the road were cruising along at around 50 miles per hour
  • The Audi was going so fast it left behind a trail of dust as it powered away  

Shocking dashcam footage shows a reckless driver undertake motorway traffic on the hard shoulder at a speed estimated at up to 100mph.

The clip shows two lanes of heavy traffic on the northbound M80 when a black Audi hurtles past in a cloud of dust and disappears from view in seconds.

Traffic on the motorway, according to the dashcam driver, was travelling at about 50mph.

This is the shocking scene as an Audi A3 comes flying up the hard shoulder of the M80

The Audi is travelling considerably faster than the vehicles on both lanes which are averaging around 50mph according to dashcam footage

Such is the speed of the Audi, it soon vanishes down the road leaving a trail of dust

Judging by the rate at which the £22,000 A3 Sportback passes the motorway traffic, its speed is though to be in the region of 80-100mph.

The incident was filmed on April 26 near Chryston, North Lanarkshire, heading towards Stirling.

It was anonymously submitted to driving safety campaign website SWD Media.

The dashcam driver told them: ‘I was on my way home from work following the flow of traffic when the car flew past me on the hard shoulder.

‘The road was quite busy and most were traveling at about 50mph.’

An SWD spokesman said: ‘This driver clearly shouldn’t be on the road.

‘Breaking the speed limit is one thing, but to drive at speeds close to 100mph on the hard shoulder is insane.

‘The hard shoulder is narrow and likely to be littered with debris from breakdowns – the vehicle clearly leaves dust behind.

‘Unless on a smart motorway at busy times, the hard shoulder should only be used in an emergency.

‘The driver seems to have his hazard lights turned on It’s not clear why – however he is most definitely a hazard to other drivers.

‘I urge Police to trace the owner of this vehicle and take appropriate action.’ 

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