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Audrey Hale news LIVE: Nashville shooter ‘had resentment towards school’

  • Shooter at Nashville elementary school has been identified as Audrey Hale, 28
  • Hale killed 3 children aged 9, the principle, a substitute teacher and a custodian
  • Read more of’s coverage of the Nashville school shooting HERE 

This is’s live blog for shooter Audrey Hale and the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennesse.  

Host commentator

Host commentator

How the Nashville school shooting unfolded

09:53am – Hale’s gray Honda Fit is seen arriving at The Covenant School in Nashville.

09:54am – Hale is seen driving through the parking lot, seemingly calm. Nothing suggests anything is out of the ordinary as she finds a spot to park.

10:10am – The glass front door, which was locked, is shattered as Hale opens fire. She then steps through the debris into the empty reception of the church, which is adjacent to the school.

10:13am – Brandishing her assault rifle, Hale is seen entering a carpeted room, inside the church looking for any victims. The room is empty. The first call to 911 about shots being fired in the building came in at this time.

10:18am – Hale is seen on the same camera inside the church still looking for victims. She opens a door into the next room.

10:19am – The 28-year-old returns through the door, and aims her gun, although there is no one there. She tries another door, then returns 30 seconds later.

10:20am – Hale is now walking through a wooden-floored building labelled ‘first’ in the footage, past an empty reception. She stalks the corridor, then disappears from view.

10:27am – Hale is shot dead on the second floor of the school, having engaged officers who fired back, killing her. 

Trans school shooter’s final messages to friend before she shot six people

The transgender school shooter who killed six people including three innocent children yesterday before being gunned down by police sent a message to a friend moments before the rampage, telling her: ‘I’m planning to die today… you’ll probably hear about me on the news.’

Before traveling to the school, the killer sent a haunting final message to Averianna Patton on Instagram

They had played middle school basketball together and remained friends. 

What we know so far about school shooter Audrey Hale

Audrey Hale, 28, opened fire at a Christian elementary school in Tennessee on Monday morning, killing six people inducing three nine-year-old students.

The transgender artist had detailed map of the building and conducted surveillance outside The Covenant School she once attended, before carrying out the devastating massacre.

Hale, with an assault-style rifle in hand, shot down the door of the Nashville area school and stalked the hallways before opening fire on her victims.

Marjorie Taylor Greene responds to horror Nashville mass shooting that left seven dead by calling for MORE guns in schools

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has taken to Twitter to call for more guns in schools following the horrifying attack on the Covenant School in Nashville on Monday.

The US representative for Georgia yesterday called the shooting ‘another absolutely horrific, needless tragedy’ as she rallied for better protection of children ‘like precious stones’ in schools.

She wrote: ‘Children and school staff should always be protected the same way politicians, money, precious stones, and gold are protected, but even more so, by good guys with guns.’

‘I don’t want to be an only child’: Sister of girl, 9, killed in Nashville school massacre sobs at vigil for her murdered sibling

The community came together to pray for the six families who lost loved ones in Monday’s Covenant School shooting that saw three young children and three adults lose their lives, including third grader, Evelyn Dieckhaus.

Evelyn – who was described as ‘adorable’ by her Sunday School teacher – leaves behind an older sister Eleanor, who made her heartbreaking comments at Woodmont Christ Church.

Too much to bear: Nashville TV anchors break down in tears

Two local NBC news anchors became visibly emotional during live news coverage of Monday’s tragic Nashville school shooting that claimed the lives of at six people, including three children at The Covenant School.

The anchors for Nashville’s WSMV found it difficult to compose themselves as they delivered the horrific news.

Anchor Holly Thompson became overcome with emotion and struggled to speak as she attempted to report on the breaking news that an active shooter had been confirmed dead and that multiple children had also lost their lives. 

Did trans murderer have a grudge?

Nashville police chief John Drake said police are still investigating what drove the killer – who they named as Audrey Hale, 28 – to open fire on Monday morning at The Covenant School, where she used to be a student, before being shot dead by police.

He said in an interview with NBC News that investigators believe the killer had ‘some resentment for having to go to that school’. 

He also provided chilling examples of the killer’s elaborate planning for the shooting as she had a map of the building and conducted surveillance before carrying out the attack, the latest in a series of mass shootings in the US.

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