Aurora police officers fired for photos taken at Elijah McClain memorial site lose appeals to rejoin department – The Denver Post

The three Aurora police officers fired for taking or laughing at mocking selfies at a memorial site for Elijah McClain will not rejoin the department after losing their appeals, the city’s civil service commission announced Tuesday.

Two of the officers, Erica Marrero and Kyle Dittrich, took smiling photos of themselves on Oct. 20, 2019 — about two months after McClain died in Aurora police custody after being violently detained and injected with ketamine — where they and another officer mimicked a chokehold that was used on McClain before he died.

The officers then texted the photos to Jason Rosenblatt, who was one of the officers who detained McClain the night he died. Rosenblatt responded to the text by writing “ha ha.”

Aurora police Chief Vanessa Wilson in July fired all three of the officers. A fourth officer, Jaron Jones, resigned from the department before he could be fired for posing in the photos.

“Aurora police officers are expected to serve our community with dignity, respect and a sense of humanity,” Wilson said in a statement Tuesday. “I am pleased with the Civil Service Commission’s decision to uphold my discipline of Mr. Dittrich, Ms. Marrero and Mr. Rosenblatt.”

Rosenblatt, Dittrich and Marrero appealed their firings to the Aurora Civil Service Commission, which held hearings for the officers over the past few weeks. The hearings were not open to the public. The commission released its findings Tuesday.

“I fully supported Chief Wilson’s firing of Officers Dittrich, Marrero and Rosenblatt, and am encouraged that the Civil Service Commission agreed and upheld her decision,” Aurora City Manager Jim Twombly said.

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